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Boise, ID                                                                    


Sage Growth Capital Makes Revenue Investment in ILLUMAGEAR


Sage Growth Capital, a revenue-based investment firm based in Boise, Idaho, is proud to announce a new investment in ILLUMAGEAR, a leading provider of connected safety and personal protective equipment (PPE). This investment aligns with Sage Growth Capital's mission to support growing companies with stable gross margins and recurring revenue streams. This collaboration will enable ILLUMAGEAR to scale as needed to meet the growing demand for their innovative safety solutions.

“With the fast-paced growth of the Connected Safety/PPE market, it's crucial for ILLUMAGEAR to have a strong partner like Sage Growth Capital to support their expansion plans,” said Max Baker, CEO. “By combining Sage's expertise and funding with ILLUMAGEAR's innovative safety solutions, they will work together to ensure that workers across industries have access to the latest advancements in workplace safety. Both companies are thrilled about this new chapter and the potential it holds for promoting safety and protecting workers in the years to come.”


Sage Growth Capital Managing Partner, Denise Dunlap, says, "We are excited to add Illumagear to our portfolio. With Illumagear's innovative products and strong market presence, we are confident that Illumagear will bring tremendous value to our portfolio and contribute to our mission of supporting growth-oriented companies. We look forward to partnering with Illumagear on their journey to enhance safety in various industries."


ILLUMAGEAR is a leading provider of connected safety and personal protective equipment (PPE). Their focus is on creating personal safety systems that are optimized for improving safety and performance in high-risk environments. For more information on Illumagear, visit:

About Sage Growth Capital

Sage Growth Capital makes revenue-based investments in companies who need growth capital. It is our mission to provide a more flexible funding option to growing companies who do not fit traditional equity or lending models. To learn more about Sage Growth Capital or to apply for funding visit:

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