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Dos Hermanos is a well-known taco truck and restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, offering authentic Oaxacan cuisine. Their menu features traditional dishes such as tacos, burritos, and chicken mole, all made with fresh, local ingredients. They operate from various locations including Easton Town Center and North Market, and also provide catering services and food trucks for events.


We are excited to work with Sage Growth Capital as a partner for financial support as Remedy Medical Manufacturing establishes our facilities in the rapidly expanding Phoenix medtech market.  The financial investment will assure we can achieve our objectives and hire the staff required to maintain our growth trajectory.  The team at Sage Growth Capital was great to work with and they guided us through the process every step of the way.

~ David Szabo, President

RMM_logo (1).png

Remedy Medical Manufacturing, LLC is a unique Medical Device Contract Developer and Manufacturer with a focus on helping companies and entrepreneurs navigate the entire process of getting a medical device to market.  Remedy is located in Phoenix, AZ where Med Tech is set to double by 2030 with support from local and state resources.  Three main activities come together to create the company structure.  Client engagement typically starts using a process developed to  complete the product realization cycle through FDA submission and transfer to Manufacturing.  Production facilities are available for most products with specialties in cleanroom silicone production and electronics assembly.  After production Remedy can continue to support companies with warehousing and order fulfillment services.  Remedy Medical Manufacturing is a FDA registered site and holds ISO 13485 certification.

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Founded by Blu Atwood, Textual allows for customers to buy their favorite product(s) with a single text message. Through their Text-to Buy program, Textual helps brands sell more inventory, increase product reordering, and drive customer loyalty.


Their mission is to increase mobile commerce for brands by maximizing the true potential of text messaging, which is to be a transactional channel, not a paired down version of email marketing.

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We eagerly look forward to embarking on this journey with Sage Growth Capital, aiming to reach new heights and achieve mutual success together.

~ Blu Atwood, CEO

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Enhancing our collaboration with esteemed partners like Sage Growth Capital has propelled Massed Compute into new horizons. By leveraging their financial support, we have scaled our operations swiftly, empowering businesses worldwide to harness the full potential of state-of-the-art GPU capabilities. Our focus on offering agile, contract-free services has led to increased client satisfaction and heightened demand for our bespoke, generative AI infrastructure solutions. The future looks brighter than ever as we continue to expand our market presence and bolster revenue growth through strategic alliances such as these.

~ Sunny Smith, Co-Founder

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Massed Compute is an AI cloud compute provider that serves cutting-edge GPUs without bulky contracts and unnecessary up-sells. They provide adaptable, flexible, high-performance computing power to launch AI instances, apps, analyses, and machine-learning models.

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Winx Health, Inc. is a female-founded company that creates a convenient, discreet, and judgement-free way for women to get the health products they need. Stix is a women's health brand that offers discreet and effective at-home tests, medications, and treatments. Their products are clinically-tested and competitively priced, all while destigmatizing health issues, expanding accessibility, and delivering peace of mind.

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We're so excited to work with Sage Growth Capital. Their support allows us to run after ambitious plans with confidence, and we're already surpassing our goals for the quarter.

~ Jamie Norwood, Co-Founder

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We are thrilled to have Sage Growth Capital as the newest and largest investor in Everybody Water.  After meeting with many potential investors, we found the right match. Not only is Sage aligned with our mission-oriented and profitable business model run by passionate founders, but they understand the capital needs of an early-stage high-growth business growing 3x in revenue this year.

~ Kimberly Reilly, Co-Founder

EBW_BRANDING_Logo_Baseline_Tagline (1)[86] (1).png

Everybody Water is a women-owned, for-profit company disrupting the packaged water business with social impacts as its cornerstone. Offering premium water in a 16.9-ounce carton alternative to plastic bottles, their mission is to support sustainable clean water infrastructure projects that bring running water directly into homes for the first time, dramatically impacting communities and transforming the lives of women and girls globally so they no longer have to walk for water and instead can attend school, earn incomes, and thrive.

PopArt Gourmet Snacks

Pop Art Snacks boldly inspires greatness through delicious, artful snacking. Pop Art Snacks markets and distributes innovative snacks that attract the most valuable shoppers that have an affinity toward fresh and natural foods and that favor premium brands. Pop Art drives innovation in snacks through different formats, textures, flavors, sparkles, and use of better-for-you-oils. Pop Art Snacks is currently distributed in the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and Philippines.

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Pop Art Snacks grew by 220% last year and is the 4th fastest growing popcorn brand within the natural food retailers. We are so thankful to have found Sage Growth Capital. Their alternative lending structure is exactly the kind of funding Pop Art needed to continue to execute on another monumental growth year.

~ Venessa Dobson, CEO

Screenshot 2023-05-03 152028.png

With the fast-paced growth of the Connected Safety/PPE market, it's crucial for ILLUMAGEAR to have a strong partner like Sage Growth Capital to support our expansion plans. By combining Sage's expertise in scaling high-growth companies with ILLUMAGEAR's innovative safety solutions, we will work together to ensure that workers across industries have access to the latest advancements in workplace safety. We are thrilled about this new chapter and the potential it holds for promoting safety and protecting workers in the years to come.

~ Max Baker, CEO

Illumagear logo

ILLUMAGEAR is a leading provider of connected safety and personal protective equipment (PPE). Their focus is on creating personal safety systems that are optimized for improving safety and performance in high-risk environments. 

OnSite Waste Technologies, founded in 2018 in California, provides innovative and simple medical waste solutions to over 1000 clients across all 50 states and more than 40 different healthcare specialties. The team, comprised of entrepreneurs, engineers, and medical waste executives, is dedicated to supporting healthcare heroes and solving their medical-waste challenges with a focus on innovation, simplicity, and transparency. OnSite's offerings, including the TE-5000, mail-back programs, pickups, and WasteTechIQ, are designed with healthcare providers in mind.

OnSite Waste Technologies logo

We are thrilled to partner with Sage Capital as they recognize the tremendous potential of OnSite's vision to revolutionize the medical-waste industry. Their support will allow us to further our mission and continue to drive innovation in this critical field. I couldn't be more excited for this next chapter in OnSite's journey.

~ Roger Van Duinen, CEO

We are very excited to work with Sage Growth Capital. Since our acquisition of Ambassador, we have built a strong company with 100+ clients, strong retention and a leading product…and, we are now ready to bring strong sales growth into our organization. Sage Capital is giving us the opportunity to grow in a meaningful way.

~ Geoff McDonald, CEO

Ambassador gives brands and customers the marketplace to build retention and engagement driven ROI. It is our mission to provide a flexible technology in the micro-enterprise space through building, buying, and partnering, that allows brands and people to access business tools and infrastructure to market and own their assets.

Ambassador logo

mign is orthopaedics, digitally tailored. 

Since no two bodies are the same, why should we treat them the same? mign is a process of precision and sensitivity. mign’s Genysis design engine and premiere 3D designers synthesize complex body data into a mign medical wearable that expertly addresses individual needs in a way that is personal, sustainable and beautiful. mign’s fully digital experience reduces the number of provider visits, lowers the need for high-cost, surgical treatment, and lessens the physical and emotional burden that comes with managing musculoskeletal challenges.

Mign logo

It has been a pleasure getting to know the team. I am confident that together mign and Sage will equate to a successful collaboration on all levels.

~ Lisa Tweardy, Co-Founder

~ Hilton Nicholson, CEO

Sage Growth Capital investment into CyberReef is slated to create more break-through industry firsts like our recently released application throttling. MobileWall is changing the conversation on mobile data usage to encompass not only cost saving but employee satisfaction and corporate culture.  And we are excited to see how Sage Growth Capital will help us create those conversations.

Founded in 2012, CyberReef is the home of MobileWall, the industry’s first patented mobile firewall. The cloud-based service enables secure, on-demand mobile private networking and bandwidth management for businesses, governments, and educational institutions. MobileWall gives customers unprecedented security, visibility, and control over their private mobile networks. It also solves critical business challenges, such as collapsing time to deployment from months to days, reducing data usage and costs by 50-70 percent, and replacing unsecured wireless connections with end-to-end encryption.

CyberReef logo

Naked is building a global lifestyle brand with diversified products for the fast-growing endurance running/outdoors market. Driving the mega trend towards minimalism, efficiency, and innovation, Naked has developed a diverse range of revolutionary products that are now sold in more than 75 countries to world champions and weekend warriors in trail, triathlon, and road running. Building on the success of its category-creating Running Band and more recent Vests and Spra, the company is entering the high-performance footwear market this summer.

Naked sports logo

Our collaboration with Sage is the perfect example of the importance of the company you keep.

~ Lindsay Petersen Dakota, Co-Founder

iStock-1257133708 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

~ Frith Maier, Founder

The support from Sage Growth Capital helps us to make an impact faster in a world where confident communication in English is critically important for businesses.

The NEI Method is transforming language learning through a data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) solution. Founded in Seattle, NEI now has significant operations in Asia. Its clients are major Japanese corporations concentrated in pharmaceuticals, IT, and banking. These companies rely on NEI to train their employees in effective spoken English in each learner’s area of expertise. At NEI, expert assessors develop each learner’s profile based on an initial interview. Machine learning is then used by the NEI recommender engine to match the best discussion topics and tasks to that learner’s unique profile. NEI’s track record is a 60% improvement in skill from “can’t do business in English” to level “Business OK” and above.

Native English Institue logo

Refactr is a Seattle-based DevSecOps software startup founded in 2017 by military veterans and industry experts in cloud and cybersecurity.

Refactr’s mission is to empower Developers, Cybersecurity, and Operations at every enterprise to collaboratively build automation with cybersecurity built-in. Refactr has built a radically simple DevSecOps automation platform made to bridge the gap between cybersecurity and DevOps. Plug into existing DevOps workflows, connect with security tools, and ensure your organization continuously automates in a secure and seamless manner.At Refactr, we innovate to make the world more secure and agile through the next shift of digital transformation into IT-as-Code™.

Refactr logo
raptor refactr left wall.png

Refactr is thrilled to partner with Sage Growth Capital in our endeavor to accelerate adoption of DevSecOps by empowering cybersecurity to collaboratively operate at the speed of DevOps. 


Sage brings thoughtful and accessible capital in the current economic environment when it has not been as easy for bootstrapped startups.

~ Korrine Fraser, CFO

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We are thrilled with the investment, and look forward to Sage's help as we continue disrupting the airline flight operations world.

~ Tom LaJoie,
Founder and CEO

ETT Aviation logo

eTT Aviation is a software engineering company that provides airlines a fully automated and customizable air operations suite of tools.


Our software is designed to schedule and manage flight crew and ground staff for all scheduling needs, as well as schedule and manage aircraft routing, tracking, and flight movement reporting.


We take pride in our driven, innovative approach and our exceptional customer support.

Unity Laundry Systems logo

Owning and operating a small business is hard but purchasing and maintaining essential equipment shouldn’t be.


Unity Laundry Systems offers commercial appliances at revolutionary prices, while leading the way with a direct-to-business approach that features effortless shopping and a premium customer service experience all tailored for the small business customer.

don crop.png

Sage’s innovative investment approach for early-stage growth capital was a perfect solution for Unity. We are thrilled to be part of the Sage family and excited to put their investment to work on our mission to become the leading provider of essential appliances to small business.


~ Jonathan Benjamin, Co-founder and CEO


The Sage team was awesome to work with – they are professional and moved quickly to get us the funding we needed. This all came together at the right time - the market is demanding product and we need to have the resources to be able respond. We are grateful to have a resource like Sage in our community.

~ Scott Fischer, CEO

Melt organic logo

Melt Organic manufactures all its products in the USA. The company distributes its USDA Organic, Non-GMO, vegan products to more than 10,000 points of distribution across North America, South America and Australia, It is a wholly owned brand of Prosperity Organic Foods, Inc.

Killer Creamery logo

Killer Creamery is an innovator in ice cream, bringing its line of sugar free products with functional ingredients to consumers across the country. We are doing our part to help rid the world of excess sugar, but not give up on good things in life!

KC 25.jpg

Sage Growth Capital's investment was the right fuel at the right time for our company to execute on our growth initiatives and set us up for future success.

~ Louis Armstrong, Founder

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