Killer Creamery is an innovator in ice cream, bringing its line of sugar free products with functional ingredients to consumers across the country. We are doing our part to help rid the world of excess sugar, but not give up on good things in life!

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Sage Growth Capital's investment was the right fuel at the right time for our company to execute on our growth initiatives and set us up for future success.

~ Louis Armstrong, Founder


The Sage team was awesome to work with – they are professional and moved quickly to get us the funding we needed. This all came together at the right time - the market is demanding product and we need to have the resources to be able respond. We are grateful to have a resource like Sage in our community.

~ Scott Fischer, CEO


Melt Organic manufactures all its products in the USA. The company distributes its USDA Organic, Non-GMO, vegan products to more than 10,000 points of distribution across North America, South America and Australia, It is a wholly owned brand of Prosperity Organic Foods, Inc.


Owning and operating a small business is hard but purchasing and maintaining essential equipment shouldn’t be.


Unity Laundry Systems offers commercial appliances at revolutionary prices, while leading the way with a direct-to-business approach that features effortless shopping and a premium customer service experience all tailored for the small business customer.

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Sage’s innovative investment approach for early-stage growth capital was a perfect solution for Unity. We are thrilled to be part of the Sage family and excited to put their investment to work on our mission to become the leading provider of essential appliances to small business.


~ Jonathan Benjamin, Co-founder and CEO

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We are thrilled with the investment, and look forward to Sage's help as we continue disrupting the airline flight operations world.

~ Tom LaJoie,
Founder and CEO

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eTT Aviation is a software engineering company that provides airlines a fully automated and customizable air operations suite of tools.


Our software is designed to schedule and manage flight crew and ground staff for all scheduling needs, as well as schedule and manage aircraft routing, tracking, and flight movement reporting.


We take pride in our driven, innovative approach and our exceptional customer support.

Refactr is a Seattle-based DevSecOps software startup founded in 2017 by military veterans and industry experts in cloud and cybersecurity.

Refactr’s mission is to empower Developers, Cybersecurity, and Operations at every enterprise to collaboratively build automation with cybersecurity built-in. Refactr has built a radically simple DevSecOps automation platform made to bridge the gap between cybersecurity and DevOps. Plug into existing DevOps workflows, connect with security tools, and ensure your organization continuously automates in a secure and seamless manner.At Refactr, we innovate to make the world more secure and agile through the next shift of digital transformation into IT-as-Code™.

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Refactr is thrilled to partner with Sage Growth Capital in our endeavor to accelerate adoption of DevSecOps by empowering cybersecurity to collaboratively operate at the speed of DevOps. 


Sage brings thoughtful and accessible capital in the current economic environment when it has not been as easy for bootstrapped startups.

~ Korrine Fraser, CFO


~ Corina Burton, Co-Owner

We appreciate Sage Growth Capital's team and their quick and efficient process, which reflects the professionalism of everyone involved. We look forward to putting their investment to work in scaling our company.

CPR Construction Cleaning is 100% dedicated to construction cleanup needs in every vertical of construction. 


With 30+ years of industry experience, our focus is specialized for all construction cleanup. At CPR we believe in giving the quality of service that General Contractors deserve. 


Unlike other cleaning service companies, we only focus on construction cleanup. We are not a janitorial company, our staff is fully trained and certified to meet commercial construction cleanup needs. 


Our attention to our clients' service is never compromised.