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Boise, ID                                                                    





Sage Growth Capital announces a new investment in North Carolina company, mign. Mign is orthopaedics, digitally tailored. No two bodies are the same. That is why mign is modernizing musculoskeletal injury recovery and simplifying personalized care for every body. Their proprietary technology synthesizes the body’s complex 3D data to create medical wearables that uniquely and sustainably address individual needs. Mign designs reduce the number of provider visits and lower the need for surgical treatment. They also lessen the physical and emotional burden that comes with managing musculoskeletal challenges.


Mign Co-Founder, Lisa Tweardy, says, “It has been a pleasure getting to know the team. I am confident that together mign and Sage will equate to a successful collaboration on all levels.”


Sage Growth Capital Managing Partner, Denise Dunlap, says, “We are pleased to provide capital to Lisa Tweardy and her team at mign to enable them to reach new markets with their life-changing custom-fit braces.”


For more information on mign’s technology and products, visit:


Sage Growth Capital makes revenue-based investments in companies that need growth capital. It is our mission to provide a more flexible funding option to growing companies that do not fit traditional equity or lending models. To learn more about Sage Growth Capital or to apply for funding, visit:

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