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April, 7 2022                                                                             

Boise, ID                                                                                                





Sage Growth Capital announces the successful launch of its second fund. Sage Growth Capital makes revenue-based investments in growing companies who want to include non-dilutive funding in their capital strategy. 


Managing Partner Denise Dunlap says, “We are thrilled to partner with our angel colleagues across the U.S. as part of our Fund II investment strategy. By offering this funding model to angels we create a win-win; they can achieve diversification and recognize earlier returns, and their portfolio companies have access to an additional source of capital that allows them to keep their ownership.” 

First Fund II Investment in Unity Laundry Systems

Unity Laundry Systems produces affordable equipment for the commercial laundry community on a budget. The company was founded with a vision to create simple and affordable commercial washers and make them easy to purchase and use.  


Unity Laundry Systems needed the additional funds to finalize the acquisition of a well-known commercial brand, Hoffman New-Yorker (, that has a USA manufacturing and distribution facility and produces two product lines and has an installed base of over 35,000 customers. The acquisition will support Unity Laundry's transition to UnityLab (, which will include multiple lines of commercial equipment, and also allow them to bring some manufacturing in-house. 


Unity is also one of Sage Growth Capital’s best-performing portfolio companies from Fund I.


Sage Growth Capital makes revenue-based investments in companies who need growth capital. It is our mission to provide a more flexible funding option to growing companies who do not fit traditional equity or lending models. To learn more about Sage Growth Capital or to apply for funding visit:

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